Telč, are you a dream world or what?

When we were doing our CzechiaSlovakiaHungary trip last spring, we decided to stop by at this cute little town called Telč in Czechia near Jihlava and I am quite happy that we did!

Telčský potok

Unfortunately there was no direct transportation from Prague to Telč; therefore, we had to change buses at Jihlava. We had literally no idea how to go our hostel which was at the Main Square and luckily a “Telčian” girl took us with her and led the way! That moment when faith in humanity is restored.

IMG_4787The main square, as you also see in the featured image, is full of Renaissance and Baroque houses. I learnt from this documentary-like video that making buildings that are same in width and height but different in form and color is what actually makes a city attractive, which is a thing we lost in our modern times. As you see, Telč is a wonderful example for that and I bet it is one of the most attractive cities on the world!

Every house at the square which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992 deserves to be examined since all has their unique ornaments, paintings and elaborations. They make you feel like you are the princess/prince of this dream world (confession alert).

My favourite house at the Main Square. Look at these details!

When you walk towards the end of the square, you find Telč Castle which is built in Gothic then changed in the Renaissance style. We could not get into the castle but the park near it was quite peaceful with its huge tree, so we decided to chill there a little bit.

Telč Castle

There were almost no open place like restaurants or cafes in the village, maybe they close at 5 pm, I do not know. Therefore, we had to walk and find a market to buy some food for the night but it was worth it. Strolling in a little Czechian village under the warming sun was really worth it.

Leaving Telč with my pink suitcase and old jeans…

Please make a room for Telč in your calendar and you would not be sorry! But I recommend going in the morning and to check the opening hours of the castle before you go so you can enjoy Telč fully.



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