Brussels: Kingdom of Divine and Worldly Things

Yes, Brussels is the kingdom of divine and worldly things for me. I mean it has whole different kinds of beers, waffles and golden buildings for god’s sake…


On my previous post, I told that we were going to Brussels after Luxembourg and here we are and it is snowing again! Even though we got lost and could not find our Airbnb home, the city was quite awesome and big. Brussels still had the air of Christmas in the middle of January and we were lucky to feel this cold/warm atmosphere with its sincere people.

On the whole, it is an open city, ready for you to discover its beauties. There are many shops where you can taste chocolates or discover its local culture. The nightlife is active in a way I did not expect it to be at all. The clubs are open until morning; music is universal and perfect!

Streets are generally full of people but it does not bother you, at least I did not care, because there is some kind of sweetness in the air. Maybe I got high because of chocolate, of those beautiful fried potatoes or due to its delicious beers?

You can try to burn those calories in the streets of Brussels which are full of beautiful and unexpected street art. Win-win!

In addition, all of the buildings in the old town are unique in their own ways and there are cute little cafes and shops. The streets really deserve to be explored. Please get lost.

There is a little pub called Poechenellekelder; yes, its name ‘a little bit’ hard to pronounce. You should not hesitate to go inside because it is quite fun, full of different stuffs and staff has this Belgian hospitality.

The pub is right across Manneken Pis, the statue of a small boy having a pee. (And speaking of this statue… Isn’t it hilarious for a city to have this symbol, the peeing boy? I think, it is cute. I have the magnet on my fridge right now spreading the atmosphere of Brussels to my house.)


While strolling through the city, please do not forget to look up and enjoy its architecture and the elaborate decorations both at night and daytime. It is easy to ignore the unique smell, taste and texture of a city that you visit for the first time and if you do not do that, you will forget the city on the whole since you did not experience it genuinely and remember it only from the photos you take.

For me,

  • Brussels was sincere and warm as opposed to its weather in January,
  • The streets were smelling like chocolate proving its cliché,
  • You can find the old and the modern in this place of surprises and
  • Its people are among the friendliest ones I have met (we still keep in touch with eachother!).

Did you also visit Brussels? or maybe you are planning to see it? Please comment and tell me about your thoughts about it 🙂



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    That first street art shot is interesting. 🙂


    1. Yes! It was quite creative and unexpected 🙂


  2. badfish says:

    Great post. I’ve been to Brussels…a long time ago, but did see the boy peeing! And drank a few beers. Met the nicest lady who showed us directions to the road we needed to find.


    1. What you remember is Brussels in a nutshell: the boy peeing, beers and the nicest people! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. badfish says:

        Well then, cool. Nutshells are good!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. aniqahahsan says:

    Brilliant post! Brought back many memories for myself, I’ve written about my Brussels trip here


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