Tune in Tuesday

From now on, I will share a song or more from my new discoveries or all time favorites on Tuesdays!

Golden Days: Sziget Festival ’16

Can you imagine an island of freedom filled with every kind of food, drink, creative events with half a million people from all around the world? Well, Sziget Festival gives you all and for 7 days!

Up in Sziget Festival!

Yes, I know I have not been posting since two weeks but I have a good reason… I was at Sziget Festival which happens in Budapest and then I went to the Netherlands for a five days! I was waiting for that 7-days festival for a long time, watching its after movie over and over…

Must-See: Princes’ Islands in Istanbul

It is good to have somewhere you feel safe, happy and peaceful near to the place you live. My perfect combination. And this place happens to be Büyükada for me. It is the largest of Princes’ Islands which is off the coast of Istanbul.