Telč, are you a dream world or what?

When we were doing our Czechia-Slovakia-Hungary trip last spring, we decided to stop by at this cute little town called Telč in Czechia near Jihlava and I am quite happy that we did!


Before I visited Bratislava, I expected a city like Prague since they are so close to each other I would not expect them to be so different! They have restaurants, cafes and pubs at the bottom floor of old and colorful buildings. However, maybe because of the time I visited (the end of April), I…


My last visit to Budapest and upcoming Sziget Festival!

Meydanköy, hala köy!

A little Mediterranean village with its breathtaking view and wide shore… In both Turkish and English!

Prague: Medieval City of Modern Life

If you live in a crowded city that is full of aimless and unaesthetic concrete blocks and people always seems to rush, Prague will make your head dizzy a little bit, I warn you.

Warm & Calm: Valencia

Valencia… The very first city I went to travel while I was 20, which gives its special place in my heart. It was February of 2014 and I thought Valencia would be summer-like and brought light clothes with me. Also, the very first travel mistake 🙂 I was so excited and unexperienced that I could…